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Get More Bite Out Of Your Brakes With Slotted Brake Rotors!  1-6-2012

Slotted Brake Rotors can give your vehicle the extra bite needed to stop on a dime. The practice of Slotting rotors is derived from track racing where it was first used to increase brake pad bite while reducing stopping distances. This technology has been adapted and proven to work on road vehicles by increasing braking reliability and reducing stopping distances.

Get More Bite Out Of Your Brakes With Slotted Brake Rotors!

Benefits of Slotted Disc Brake Rotors:
  Increased Brake Pad Bite
  Better Air circulation
  Improved Cooling
  Reduced Wear
  Prevents Hydroplaning in Bad Weather
  Reduces Brake Fade
  Improves Braking Performance

We recommend that slotted rotors be used for cooler climates because the increased bite will bring the brake pads to the proper operating temperature quicker. Still, slotted rotors will run cooler than a stock rotor. While you do need heat for the brake pads to work, the problem is when there is too much heat. The Increased bite provided by the slots will bring up the pads to operating temperature sooner, thus slowing down the vehicle quicker. This means you don’t need to be on the brakes as long to come to a stop, thus keeping the overall operating temperatures lower than a stock rotor. This also improves wear on the pads because for every 100 degree increase over the brake pads operating temperature, the pad wear doubles. If the brake pads can only withstand 450 Degrees and your brakes are running at 550, then the pads will start to wear quickly. So by running slotted rotors, the brake pad and rotor wear is reduced in normal driving conditions.
So consider upgrading to a SP Performance Slotted Rotors, you may spend just a bit more now, but you will definitely save more in the long run.

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