Street Plus HP
Ceramic Brake Pads.

Street Plus HP
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Street Plus HP Ceramic Brake Pads.
Street Plus HP Metallic Brake Pads.
SP Performance Street Plus HP Ceramic Brake Pad
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What kind of performance do you want from a set of brake pads?
You want your vehicle to stop like a race car, make no noise, work well in hot and cold situations and keep your wheels clean.

These are very demanding requirements for a street pad. "Street Plus" brake pads rise to the challenge by providing superior stopping power for aggressive street driving.
Today's vehicles, especially trucks and SUVs, put higher stress on brake pads which create higher levels of heat. The higher working temperature can result in brake fade, reducing braking efficiency. While racing pads are formulated to work at higher temperatures, they lack the cold stopping needed for every day street driving. Let's face it, street pads need to work at a wider temperature range, stopping well cold, while resisting fade at high temperatures.

No matter if you're driving to purchase a six pack of beer, stuck in heavy traffic or rolling down a winding mountain road. Street Plus providing phenomenal stopping performance in a wide range of conditions.

Want real rotor biting performance without the heavy black brake dust over your wheels?
Upgrade to a set of Street Pus HP Ceramic Disc Pads, and you will feel and see the difference from your stock pads.

This is a true High Performance Ceramic friction that is manufactured with a "Positive Mold" process providing long pad life and minimized rotor wear. OE Style Chamfering and slotting help heat and dust dissipation.

They deliver smooth quiet braking, outstanding stopping performance, and keep your wheels sparkly clean.
Available for most popular cars, trucks and SUV's.

Vehicle Specific, "low resin" formulation, is manufactured with a "Positive Mold" process insuring strength, quality and performance. The OE style Chamfering and slotting help heat and dust dissipation. This advanced low dust formula provides excellent durability, quick recovery, and is rotor friendly compared to conventional brake pads.

These semi metallic high performance brake pads are formulated for aggressive street driving, smooth quiet stopping, and will also keep your wheels clean.
Street Plus brake pads have proven themselves in all types of weather conditions to stop better and last longer than traditional brake pads. Available for cars, trucks and SUV's.

High Performance Semi Metallic Friction.
Formulated for aggressive street driving.
Positive Mold manufacturing for strength and durability
Low Resin formula reduces brake fade.
Low Brake Dust.
High-friction compound delivers superior stopping power at a wide temperature range.
Anti-noise shims provide smooth quiet stopping.
OE style Chamfering and slotting help heat and dust dissipation.
Long lasting and is easy on the rotor .  

Advanced High Performance true ceramic friction.
Positive Mold construction provides strength and durability
Noise dampening shims for smooth quiet stopping.
Low Resin formula reduces brake fade.
Delivers outstanding stopping power.
Low wear and low dust. Keeps your wheels clean.
OE style Chamfering and slotting help heat and dust dissipation.
Very Rotor friendly.

Street Plus HP Metallic Brake Pads
Street Plus HP Ceramic Brake Pads
SP Performance Street Plus HP Ceramic Brake Pads
SP Performance Brake Pad
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Brake Pad Material
Here is why Street Plus Pads out perform the competition.
Street Plus pads have a low resin formula which has a fast breakin period. It is manufactured with a positive mold process which uses virgin friction materials. (no regrind material). It is put into a press at 500 tons while it is heated creating a very dense formula without any air gaps. The more dense the friction, the longer it lasts. This positive mold friction requires 70% less resin. The low resin results in superior brake performance without making a hard and brittle pad which can cause noise and brake glazing. ("FF or "GG" co-efficient.) Not only will you get longer pad life, but also longer rotor life.

Tradition methods of pad manufacturers use a process called flash molding. This low pressure molding requires a high content of resin to make the material flow. These are often high in code, but lower density pads will result in poor performance.

With extensive testing, we have found that the Street Plus pad works in both cold and hot conditions. Other inferior brands may have a higher co-efficient such as "FF" and "GG" but will work only when the pad is very hot. When the pad is cold the result is scraping of the material which greatly reduces the life of the rotor and causes poor stopping.
Pad Performance Comparison Charts
For clean, quiet, aggresive stopping power, install a set of Street Plus Brake Pads Today!
Our Semi Metallic and our Ceramic frictions deliver outstanding quality and performances but both have different properties, so choose the one that's right for you.
Also take a look at

* For best stopping performance we recommend using SP Performance Brake Rotors.

SP Performance Street Plus Brake Pads
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