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Advanced Drilling methods put SP Performance Brake Rotors above the rest in quality, performance, reliability and appearance.   

Straight Drilled Hole With No Countersink:

Cross Dilled Holes without a countersink are very prone to cracking. Sharp edges formed at the surface of the hole builds heat during braking. This heat around the hole causes high stress areas that can cause rotors to heat check and eventually crack.

Countersunk Hole:

The countersunk method is the most commonly used by other manufacturers. The countersinking increases the external surface area of the hole, thus reducing some of the heat buildup. The sharpness of the edges is also reduced, but it's still prone to stress and heat buildup, which can cause the rotor to eventually crack.

Radius Hole:

The Radius Chamfered Hole greatly increases the hole surface area thus reducing heat, but still contains very sharp edges at the braking surface intersection. Those sharp edges build stress and heat and can also cause the rotors to crack.

Compare Our Advanced Chamfering Technology

Improper Cross Drilling methods can cause structural damage or cracking.

SP Performance Sinusoidal Curved Chamfered Hole:

After many years of development we have come up with a drilling and chamfering method that absolutely has no sharp edges. We drill our rotors with an exclusive sinusoid curved chamfer. This type of chamfer promotes cooling, minimizes stress, vents moisture and dust while minimizing heat checking and cracking. The smooth design also increases both rotor and pad life.


SP Performance Advanced Chamfering Method

We are so sure of our drilling process, that we offer a lifetime guarantee that the rotors will not crack.

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