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Ceramic Brake Pads

Upgrade to a set of Street Pus HP Ceramic Disc Pads, and you will feel and see the difference from your stock pads. This is a true High Performance Ceramic friction that is manufactured with a "Positive Mold" process providing long pad life and minimized rotor wear. OE Style Chamfering and slotting help heat and dust dissipation. They deliver smooth quiet braking, outstanding stopping performance, and keep your wheels sparkly clean. Available for most popular cars, trucks and SUV's.


  • Advance High Performance true Ceramic Friction
  • Positive Mold construction provides strength and durability
  • Noise dampening shims for smooth quiet stopping
  • Low Resin formula reduces brake fade.
  • Delivers outstanding stopping power
  • Low wear and low dust. Keeps your wheels clean
  • OE style Chamfering and slotting help heat and dust dissipation
  • Very Rotor friendly