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Drilled and Slotted Rotors
Product Description

SP Performance drilled and slotted rotors gives the advantages of both drilled holes for cooling and slots to expel gasses and brake dust. SP Performance Rotors use only the finest materials from very select factories.

SP Performance Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotors are at the top of the list for performance rotors. By eliminating the sharp edges on our Cross Drilled holes, it greatly reduces the chance of cracking by moving the air and brake dust from the disc brake surface while reducing the surface temperature. By keeping the surface temperature down, this nearly eliminates heat checking and warping. All SP Performance Rotors are manufactured to OEM specifications, machine balanced and gray ZRC Coating.

Product Highlights
  • Cross Drilled Holes: Holes are machined with our Exclusive Sinusoid Curve Chamfer, which promotes cooling and minimizes stress. They maximize air circulation, and with absolutely no sharp edge, our "chamfer" reduces the possibility of heat checking and increases both rotor and pad life.

  • Directional Curved Slots: Slots helps increase pad bite, improves air circulation and cooling. The slots also help vent gasses, reduce brake fade and stop brake hydroplaning in wet weather reducing stopping distances.

  • Corrosion Resistant Finish: Corrosion resistant finishes give a stunning clean look behind your wheels while preventing rust, corrosion and oxidation. Available in a Silver ZRC Coating, Black ZRC Coating or Gray ZRC

  • Quality: Our slotted and drilled discs are made using the finest quality castings that exceed OEM specifications. Designed with the use of CAD software and produced on CNC machines insures the highest quality and consistent performance.

SP Performance Advanced Chamfering Method

SP Performance Sinusoidal Curved Chamfered Hole:

After many years of development we have come up with a drilling and chamfering method that absolutely has no sharp edges.Our brake discs are drilled with our exclusive sinusoid curved chamfer. The chamfer promotes cooling, minimizes stress, vents moisture and dust while minimizing heat checking and cracking. The smooth design also increases both rotor and pad life.

How Drilled and Slotted Rotors Work:

SP Performance Cross Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors have both functional holes and slots to provide the best cooling to the braking system. The combined forces of the brake pad rubbing against the brake rotor surface creates gasses and extensive heat which can cause brake fade, which in result, reduces stopping power. The combination of the holes and the slots is a force to be reckoned with. The holes in the brake rotor surface provide optimum cooling, while the slots keep the brake rotor surface clean providing a premium brake pad to brake rotor contact. The holes and slots on the face of the rotor will also help to eliminate hydroplaning by removing the water away from the braking surfaces when you hit a puddle, keeping you and your family safe.

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